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117th Assault Helicopter Company

Beach Bums, and Warlords

Annie Fannys, Pink Panthers, Sidewinders and Roadrunners;


This site is about the 117th AHC in Vietnam during the 11 years that it was in country. It includes a short history of the 117th Assault Helicopter Company, a tribute to those of the 117th who did not make it home and to those who have passed away since their return. As well as Roster, Reunion Information,Stories,Photo link to the 117th Flickr Site and much much more.








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The 117th AHC was formed from the 8th TRANSPORTATION COMPANY (Light Helicopter)

and had these Detachments assigned to it.
125th ATC (Air Traffic Control)

and Gunners from the 25th Inf.Shotgun Programwho were TDY to the 117th

None of us could have done our jobs

without the help of others.

It took all of us to make up the company. 


17th Annual 117th AHC Reunion up-date 3/25/17
117th Reunion will be June 14-17, 2017 (departing on the 18th)
The location is Indianapolis,In. at the Wyndham Indianapolis West Hotel.
Located at 2544 Executive Drive Indianapolis, In. 46241.
Room rates are $100.00 includes all taxes.
The Wyndham phone number is 317-248-2481 and be sure to tell them you are with the VHCMA group rate

.ALLATTENDEES MUST REGISTER with VHCMA to get the reduced room rate.<

This is the same hotel that the 2004 Reunion was held.

For you guys from 69-70 in 2004 we were visited by some of the 75th Rangers Co. D LLRP's who we supported while they were in VN.

The reunion is held in conjunction with the Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association, this will be their 31st Reunion.
The reason for having our reunion held with VHCMA is there were guys who served in other units
or attended AIT that may be attending and
this is a great place for all to meet.

Our 117th Reunion will include our support detachments and our parent company
8th Transportation Company (Light Helicopter), 140th Trans Det.,
130th Med. Det., 256th Sig. Det., & the 25th Inf. Shotgun Gunners,

117th AHC was in VIETNAM from 1961-1972

UPDATE 3/25/17
We will have a some different things this year.
There will be two or three auction items to be auctioned off at our Friday 117th Dinner
and WE will still have our raffles.

For those interested in a Huey flight on a 117th ship UH1H 563 that flew in 1971-1972.

I will also be collecting the fees for the VHCMA Banquet Dinner $45.00 pp; ,117th Friday Dinner $39.00 pp;Thursday 117th Ladies Lunch $15.00pp; as well as the $75.00 huey ride.
To: 117th AHCVA c/o Al Bennett 483 Davis Rd. DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433-0051

Send an E-mail me at:
Please post(117th) in the subject field of your e-mail.
Or call 850-834-3376 press #1 after the recording.

br> All other fees will be paid directly to the VHCMAbr>
If you are planning to attend. We will need your name and the names of those who will be attending with you.
We are also asking for your address and home & cell phone numbers.
We try to keep our data base/roster up to date.



If you would like to host a Mini-Reunion in your area let me know
and I will help get the word out.



< style="text-align: center;">SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS and REQUEST





**************** 31January 2017**** DEATH NOTICES***************************

Posted 31Jan17
Clyde M.Kyle passed away 8 Jan 2017
Clyde was with the 117th 1971-72 and was a crewchief in the 1st Flt Platoon and the Sidewniders Platoon.


Frank Roddy passed away 10 March 2015
I will post more information when I receive it from his sister.
Frank has attened several of our reunions along with his son Mark and Grandson Cameron
Frank was also a member of the 117th AHCVA


21 Feb 2015
HICKS, WALTER G.(Walt) Passed away 14 Feb 2015
Walt was with the 117th from 9/1965 till 9/1966. He was a Captain / Pilot
Walt retired from the Army after 21 years service at the rank of Lt. Colonel.
He also was a Life Member of the 117th AHCVA


14 Feb 2015
I received notice that David A. Measels 'Dave" passed away 26 July 2014
Dave was a pilot with the 117th for a few months starting in June 1966
when he volunteered to transfer to the 120th Avn


On 13 Dec 2014 CHARLES D. DORR Passed Away 8th &117th/ Pilot/ 1963-64


On 26 October 2014 Raymond(Ray) J. Bennett passed away do to complications with Lymphoma ,
which he has been fighting for several years.
Ray was in the 117th 1967-68 and came to the company with a Chaplains Assistant MOS.
but Ray became a part-time gunner as well.
I vaguely remember Ray not just because we have the same last name,
but before he was a gunner and after.
I'd run into him on the flight line when I was in Dong Ba Thin for ship maintenance.
Rays brother Frank was the one who contacted me.
Ray's wish was to have his ashes committed to the sea,
via being droped from a Huey while they play the movie theme song from Apocalpse Now
I hope he got his wish!

------------------------------------------Added 13 Dec 2014----------------------------------------------

On 28 November 2014 Bob L. Franks passed away at 71 yrs old.
Bob passed do to ALS and Prostate Cancer.
He was assigned to the 117th from 1966-67 and was a Crew-chief /Gunner
for the 1st Platoon at Dong Ba Thin
Bob was a retired firefighter for 39 years in Indiana and is survived by his wife.
If you would like to make contact with the family let me know and I'll forward your info.

-----------------------------------------Added 13 Dec 2014--------------------------------------------

On 29 November 2014 Col. Lynn B. Knisely(retired) passed away from Brain Cancer
He did 2 tours in Vietnam, 1964-63 with the 118th and in 1968-69 with the 117th
f you would like to make contact with the family let me know and I'll forward your info.

---------------------------------------Added 13 Dec 2014----------------------------------------------

Delayed notification from the son of 1Lt LEE STEPHENSON who passed away Feb. 2014
1Lt Stephenson served in the 117th/8th Trans 1962-63 1Lt Stephenson advanced in grade to a Major be for departing the Army.


The wife of Carl Norris (Therese " Rosie" Norris) passed away 07 Dec 2014 do to Lung Cancer
Carl and Rosie have attended some 117th Reunions. Both have been great people to be associated with and I know Rosie will be greatly missed.
Per Rosie's request in lieu of flowers please make a memorial donation to the Sierra Vista Animal Shelter

----------------------------- UPDATED 07 NOV 2014----------------------------------------------

Garry Pribble passed away 10/29/2014 do to cancer.
GARRY was a 2nd Flt Plt CREW CHIEF from April 67-68
Garry was from Ohio and has lived in Georgia and Florida. He also has attended our 117th Camp out at Melbourne,FL and the campout at L.Z. Friendly Danielsville, Ga. Garry was a retired Auto Mechanic and a Computer Programmer .

--------------------- UPDATED 13SEP2014----------------------------------------------------------

RE: Kenneth (Ken) Haywood Passed away 2 Sept 2014
Ken was with the 117th from 1968 till 1970
During his time with the company he was in the 2nd Platoon and held the position of Crew Chief and Platoon Sergeant
Before his time with Uncle Sam he was a welder and fabricator
Ken built several special gun mounts on ships.
He was also a Pro-Bull Rider and was proud to wear his cowboy hat and belt buckle to the reunions.
Since 2001 ,at our first 117th reunion Ken joined our association,and
was a Life Member and held one of the Board Member Positions.
Ken and his wife Barb have attended most of our reunion since that time.
One of the last things he told Barb was that she should continue attending our reunions.
I know Ken will be missed by all of us and will be again riding a Bull and a Huey as I write this.
Farewell my friend.

------------------------------------SICK CALL-----update-- 29 Apr.2015-------------------

Bob Refior and his wife JO are both having some major health problems and will not be able to attend the 2015 reunion.



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----UP-DATE 12/15/09---BOB WAGNER, A 117th AHC Veteran.
An author of great humor now has a new book out,
and has offered to donate a portion of the sale of his new book to the 117th AHCVA
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